Book Review: Tiny House, Big Love


{Book Review} Tiny House, Big Love   Rating:  4.5/5 via GIPHY Reading Tiny House, Big Love is like munching on a warm, gooey, fudgy brownie. You know, the kind that makes you close your eyes, your taste buds relishing its moist sweetness as it melts in your mouth? The one that makes you sigh … Read more

The Billionaire’s Widow Cover Reveal & Pre-Order Details

SOON TO BE RELEASED THE BILLIONAIRE’S WIDOW : Cover Reveal & Pre-order Details Heads up, I have a new book coming out Sept. 30, 2019! What if, instead of Prince Charming, Cinderella meets the Beast? A modern retelling of two fairy tales with a touch of Hamlet, THE BILLIONAIRE’S WIDOW is now available for pre-order … Read more

Hunted Honeymoon is OUT now!

Books by Mayumi Cruz

Hunted Honeymoon is OUT now! Hunted Honeymoon is OUT now! Available in digital (and soon, paperback) on Amazon, this is a continuation of Richard and Megan’s story of love and adventures after their wedding. Partly inspired by the movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (yes, I was a Brangelina fan), I can say that this book … Read more

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