Hunted Honeymoon is OUT now!

Hunted Honeymoon is OUT now! Available in digital (and soon, paperback) on Amazon, this is a continuation of Richard and Megan’s story of love and adventures after their wedding.

Partly inspired by the movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (yes, I was a Brangelina fan), I can say that this book is unique not only for its married couple trope, but also because it tackles certain marriage issues that almost all newlywed couples go through and deal with.

Hunted Honeymoon is FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.

Get a copy and tell me what you think? I’d be honoured!

By the way, Escape to Love, the prequel to Hunted Honeymoon, and a must-read to fully enjoy Richard and Megan’s honeymoon adventures, is still FREE on Amazon until August 19, 2019.

MEET THE PETERSONS Series follows the adventures and misadventures of Richard and Megan, from their first encounter to falling in love, to getting married, to pregnancy (!), and beyond. Intertwined with their romance are humor, not-so-cozy mysteries, relationship ups and downs, and whatnots!  

Book 1: ESCAPE TO LOVE is about their meet-cute/disaster and subsequent swoony, life-threatening, and crime-busting moments which led to their wedding. It’s available on Amazon

Book 2: HUNTED HONEYMOON begins with their first night together as husband and wife looking forward to a perfect, blissful, romantic getaway in–where else?–Paris, France.

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