Book Review: Tiny House, Big Love

{Book Review} Tiny House, Big Love




Reading Tiny House, Big Love is like munching on a warm, gooey, fudgy brownie. You know, the kind that makes you close your eyes, your taste buds relishing its moist sweetness as it melts in your mouth? The one that makes you sigh happily and believe that life is still worth living?

That was how I felt after reading this book. Olivia’s words will make you smile, chuckle, pull at your heartstrings, and take you to a special, happy place you never knew you needed.

Seb and Lucy have been friends for so long and have been in love with each other for more than a decade. But it took a near-moving-out-and-away decision and a search for a tiny mobile house for them to finally come to terms with their feelings and take the plunge–after some rib-tickling, heart-twisting, blue-balls-ing, interludes. 

I like Lucy. On the outside, she may seem weak, but she has this inner strength and boldness which come out in appropriate times. Seb is the non-communicative, super-cautious guy who was too scared to own up to his feelings and almost messed up his chance for happiness with the only woman he loves. Still, you have to credit him for being a long-suffering, protective best friend. 

Hairy Garcia and Kitty Hendrix are adorable as well. (You’ll have to read the book to know who they are.)

Oh, and remember about that brownie-feeling at the beginning of this post? I forgot to mention it’s the sort of ooey-gooey brownie which sticks between your teeth and clings to the roof of your mouth. Yep, like the book. The kind that stays with you for some time after you’d chewed on it and savoured its delectable flavour and texture.

There’s just one thing I didn’t like in this book, and I’m sure others will agree with me. The three houses offered to Lucy. Those “atrocities” (for want of a better word) shouldn’t even be up for sale!

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Tiny House, Big Love by Olivia Dade is available  here. Get it now!



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