How to Banish Self-Doubt

How do you keep writing when you’re plagued with self-doubt? There never comes a day when I don’t ask myself, “Who am I to write a story/book? Is this even good? Will people even buy it? My writing isn’t as good as [another author]!” If you’re like me, you’ll know these are the moments when […]

Aquosvegna, My Serial Novel Begins Here

Announcing Aquosvegna, my serial novel, here on my Website.  Jump to Aquosvegna Video Teaser What is a Serial Novel? First, a bit of historical background on serial fiction. A serialized novel is a novel delivered to readers in installments over time. Before Wattpad ever came into existence, serial fiction were made popular in the nineteenth […]

New! Book Covers, Book Bundle, Updated Edition

I have many NEWs! New Book Covers, a Book Bundle, and an Updated Edition! The beauty of being an indie author is you have complete control over your books. That means changing book covers, updating an edition, or bundling books for budget-conscious readers. In a stroke of inspiration (and while battling writer’s block), I created […]

Movie Review: Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is one of those films you keep watching in hopes that it’ll get better, only to be disappointed as each scene passes, until finally, when the end comes, you want to throw the remote at the TV. It’s that disappointing. It’s not even too scary or suspenseful. There were a few laughable […]

Trophy Moment

Allow me to have a moment: a trophy moment. Five years into writing, and I have an award-winning book! When I embarked on a career change (writing fiction), I never expected anything. I just wanted to write my stories, the plots and characters which keep whirling inside my mind, writing them in such a way […]

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