Bookbed’s Review of Chroma Hearts

Nothing brings more joy to a writer than finding readers that not only appreciate your work, but, more importantly, are able to intellectually decipher, grasp, and be emotionally invested in what you have written. While writers accept that not every reader can be their target readers, it’s always a nice surprise to come upon people who … Read more

Writing Contests and Learning Moments

It was a nice surprise to be among the winners of 8Letters’ Summer Dreams Writing Contest. And exciting too, because my story, The Mermaid Princess, will be included in an Anthology that will be launched at the biggest book festival of the Philippines, the Manila International Book Fair. This year, the MIBF will be held … Read more

One Word at a Time

When asked, ‘How do you write?’ I invariably answer, ‘one word at a time.’ ~ Stephen King The King has spoken and it is true. Long ago, I discovered this myself by accident. For days I wanted to write another chapter in a particular story of mine, spinning words and phrases and scenarios in my … Read more

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