Bookbed’s Review of Chroma Hearts

C827F749-A98E-4D83-BF63-2788E87D1D61Nothing brings more joy to a writer than finding readers that not only appreciate your work, but, more importantly, are able to intellectually decipher, grasp, and be emotionally invested in what you have written. While writers accept that not every reader can be their target readers, it’s always a nice surprise to come upon people who really do get what you’ve been meaning to say in your story.

Bookbed is a vibrant, multifaceted creative community which actively promotes and supports Filipino readers, writers, and artists, with the main goal of developing a #ReadingNation. It is headed by KB Meniado and her team. I am honored that she read my book and shared her thoughts about it in the bookbed blog. Thanks, KB!

Here are some excerpts of KB’s review of my romantic psychological thriller book, Chroma Hearts. To read the full review, go to this link:

My heart was pounding the whole time I was reading this book because [expletive deleted]. It opened with a crime (stuff of nightmares, really), and I thought the writing style was nothing less than perfect—vivid and dramatic, because it situated me right away (and honestly, a bit carried away). The whole thing felt like following a crime movie or TV show, complete with mini cliffhangers, dramatic plot twists and flashbacks and wtf-worthy revelations. At the rate my investment was going, I was already practically begging to get to the bottom of it all even in just the first few chapters.

Chroma Hearts by Mayumi Cruz is a gripping and thought-provoking story about fighting for love against mental illness, with a side of crime solving. Strongly recommended for those who enjoy mind-stirring and heart-squeezing.

Chroma Hearts is available internationally on Amazon, both digitally and in print. For Philippine buyers, paperback edition can be purchased here.

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