First Five Star Review for Finding Kismet

First Five Star Review for Finding Kismet

FIRST FIVE STAR REVIEW FOR FINDING KISMET Just want to put it up here, to remind me it’s not a dream. Someone really loved my Sci Fi Romance Thriller! FINDING KISMET FULL BLURB: When does science end. . . and love begin? Vaelteuria is a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy which is a thousand times … Read more

Finding Kismet is LIVE + Giveaway Winners

Books by Mayumi Cruz - Finding Kismet

FINDING KISMET is LIVE! + Giveaway Winners of $10 Amazon Gift Card each FINDING KISMET is LIVE on Amazon! FINDING KISMET, my sixth novel, is a Sci Fi Romance Thriller. Think aliens, planets, galaxies, cloning, and genetics.  SYNOPSIS: How do you find your one true love amid billions and billions of stars? A skilled alien warrior … Read more

The Science of Love

The Science of Love graphics

The Science of Love In my newest book, FINDING KISMET, I explore the science behind love.  FINDING KISMET is a Sci Fi Romance Thriller, and can best be summarized by the tagline found in its cover: How do you find your  one true love  amid billions and billions  of stars? Yes, it’s romance. Yes, it … Read more

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