Five Things I Learned Writing FINDING KISMET

Writing Finding Kismet

Writing science fiction is no rocket science. It required effort and a whole lot of research. ¬† In this post, I share the five things I learned when writing FINDING KISMET. FINDING KISMET¬†is a Sci Fi Romance Thriller. It means that while the romance between my hero and heroine is central to the story, there … Read more

First Five Star Review for Finding Kismet

First Five Star Review for Finding Kismet

FIRST FIVE STAR REVIEW FOR FINDING KISMET Just want to put it up here, to remind me it’s not a dream. Someone really loved my Sci Fi Romance Thriller! FINDING KISMET FULL BLURB: When does science end. . . and love begin? Vaelteuria is a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy which is a thousand times … Read more

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