Finding Kismet is LIVE + Giveaway Winners

FINDING KISMET is LIVE! + Giveaway Winners of $10 Amazon Gift Card each


FINDING KISMET, my sixth novel, is a Sci Fi Romance Thriller. Think aliens, planets, galaxies, cloning, and genetics. 


How do you find your one true love amid billions and billions of stars?
A skilled alien warrior on her first assignment.
A brilliant, dying biochemist.
An ingenious but despotic genetic invention.
Tangled together, intertwined by destiny, spanning a thousand years and connecting two planets.
A pretty, decorated young soldier from the planet Vaelteuria is sent to Earth on an urgent, critical quest which holds the key to the survival of their people. 
But an unexpected obstacle in the person of a genius yet sickly human distracts her from her mission and threatens to bring her to failure.
Will she be able to find what she was looking for before time runs out for her planet. . . and for Earth as well? 

And here are the winners of the Giveaway!

They each win a $10 Amazon Gift Card! Congratulations, ladies!

I’m sad that I had to disqualify the other entries because an important rule was not followed: their preorder receipts were not sent. 

I’m really happy for these two winners, though. Congratulations, Barbara and Mary!

Now on to the next book!

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