The Science of Love

The Science of Love

In my newest book, FINDING KISMET, I explore the science behind love. 

FINDING KISMET is a Sci Fi Romance Thriller, and can best be summarized by the tagline found in its cover:

How do you find your 

one true love 

amid billions and billions 

of stars?

Yes, it’s romance. Yes, it has a love story. (Two, in fact.) But more than this, it’s an exploration of the scientific basis of our emotions toward another person, who can ultimately be our soul mate, or the one we end up spending our life with. 

In my research on this topic, I came upon this article. I found it educational and enlightening. 

There are three basic parts of love, namely: lust, attraction, and attachment. And these three are driven by a variety of hormones, chemicals which influence our brain to feel them.

Another article explained love in precise terms. According to the scientists who wrote said article, love is not “just” an emotion; it is a biological process that is both dynamic and bidirectional in several dimensions. 

Love is not just what our heart feels. It is also what our brain dictates. There is a science behind love, indeed.

The question my book, Finding Kismet tries to answer is, what part of our body largely dictates what we feel toward a person we love? 

Aside from love, Finding Kismet also carries the themes of revenge and redemption.

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