Health Benefits of Reading Fiction

Health Benefits of Reading Fiction

There are many health benefits of reading fiction. In this blog post, i focus on how thrillers in particular helped me.

Want to Improve your Writing? Try Listening to Binaural Beats

Improve Your Writing Listen to Binaural Beats

As writers, we inevitably experience writer’s blocks. Other times, we lose focus and concentration. When this happens, our writing suffers. Well, fret no more. Want to improve your writing? Try listening to binaural beats. *Disclaimer: It’s not for everyone, though. Read on to find out. I have listened to binaural beats which improve concentration, and … Read more

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

Mama Lou pizza

{Food} MAMA LOU’S ITALIAN KITCHEN This Filipino-owned restaurant serves authentic Italian food with the warmth and comforts of home. Mama Lou’s in U.P. Town Center is always packed at any given time of the day, especially on occasions like Father’s Day. It’s no surprise. The owners, husband and wife team Richard Tremblay and Crystal Tremblay-Sison … Read more

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