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Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

{Food} MAMA LOU'S ITALIAN KITCHEN This Filipino-owned restaurant serves authentic Italian food with the warmth and comforts of home. Mama Lou's Special Pizza Mama Lou's in U.P. Town Center is always packed at any given time of the day, especially on occasions like Father's Day. It's no surprise. The owners, husband and wife team Richard… Continue reading Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

Articles, Kitchen Adventures, Recipes

3-Ingredient Quick And Easy, Diabetic-Friendly Matcha Latte Recipe

{Recipe} 3-Ingredient quick & Easy, Diabetic-Friendly Matcha Latte Recipe Make your own Matcha Green Tea Latte with just three ingredients and in under two minutes! Green is in. I have a thing with Matcha Green Tea nowadays, ever since I read that it's a better alternative to coffee in more ways than one.I know I'm kinda… Continue reading 3-Ingredient Quick And Easy, Diabetic-Friendly Matcha Latte Recipe

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Coffee, Tea, or Me?

This is not a spin-off from the best-selling book. Rather, it’s my own original version using the phrase, Coffee, Tea or Me? as prompt for this surprisingly different story.   I enter her room after a brief knock. It is pitch dark inside, with only the light of the full moon coming from the open… Continue reading Coffee, Tea, or Me?