Book Review: The Happy Ever After Playlist (Preview Only)

Book Review: The Happy Ever After Playlist

Thanks to Netgalley for this Preview of Abby Jimenez’ second book after the very successful The Friend Zone. 

I’ve read The Friend Zone and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has engaging characters with the right blend of humor, heat and angst. Only one book under her name, and Abby Jimenez quickly became one of my  new favorite authors. That’s how good I think she is.

The Happy Ever After Playlist tells the story of Sloan, who, in The Friend Zone, suffered a heart-wrenching tragedy. This is only a preview but its engaging, humorous dialogues are a delight to read. This is a slow-burn romance. I’m guessing the ugly-cry, angsty scenes will make their appearance later in the book as Abby Jimenez’ signature style of story-telling.

Loved the preview and I’m absolutely sure I will love the finished book.


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