Strawberry Cheesecake and Pepperoni Pizza Bookmarks

Bookmarks and the New Normal don’t exactly go together, do they? Well, think again.

These days, when the threat of CoVid-19 isn’t in any way diminished and people have to adjust to the new way of living: virtual meetings at work, online school for our kids, restricted travel, face mask is a must, clean hygiene and physical distancing must be maintained, and for some, new or additional ways to find income for our family– it’s easy to fall into depression and anxiety.

But feeling low won’t make our life better or easier. We have to accept that this is the new normal and we need to adapt. Let’s chin up and make our days better by being positive and creative!

And speaking of creative, I did some things. One of these is bookmarks.

These are not your ordinary bookmarks. These are yummy ones! Strawberry Cheesecake and Pepperoni Pizza Bookmarks, to be exact.

Bookmarks Strawberry Cheesecake Pepperoni Pizza
Bookmark Strawberry Cheesecake

And I’m giving these to my subscribers for FREE!

Just click the button to download the file.

It’s easy to make these bookmarks. It’s not rocket science!

Print, cut, fold in half, tape (I used double-sided tape; glue can work too), and fold again.

As I’ve said, the new normal may necessitate finding new or additional sources of income for the family.

I started some side hustles on ETSY and FIVERR, mainly involving creating graphics. Check out my sites! If you need any of what I offer, don’t be shy to get me for your project.

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We don’t have to let the new normal affect our life in a negative way. Fighting CoVid-19 also means remaining to be healthy, having a positive disposition, and being creative.

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