Silver Linings: LitArtHub’s First Anthology

Ladies and gentlemen: presenting SILVER LININGS, LitArtHub‘s first anthology.

The eBook edition is now available for Preorder on Amazon! Get it on a discounted price of $2.99!

Release date is on July 4, 2020 on Amazon and other digital platforms. It will also be available for purchase on LitArtHub.

Our Virtual Book Launch Party for the ebook will be on July 3, 2020, 7:00 p.m. (Philippine time). Come join us! Meet the authors on line, know more about them, and listen to readings of excerpts from the stories. Best of all, win PRIZES! Viewers who’d join the event will be included in a raffle for a chance to win digital items, ebooks, and GCash.

LitArtHub is a brainchild of Katie Velez and I. We publish flash fiction, poems, and artworks on our website, in a quarterly digital magazine, as well as selected works from special calls for submission in ebook and print formats.

Silver Linings Background 

Last March 2020, LitArtHub issued a call for submission for short fiction with the prompt, “Love in the time of CoVid.”  After a rigid selection process, eight works out of over thirty submissions were picked to be included in our first Anthology. My story, as well as Katie’s were added to complete the final ten. 

Silver Linings Blurb

Silver Linings: Stories of Love, Hope & Courage in a Pandemic Setting consists of ten literary and genre fiction stories depicting Philippine mythological creatures, time travel, women’s fiction, and the paranormal – with one common theme: love, in whatever form, triumphs over all, inspiring hope and courage in a pandemic setting.

The Stories

Mayumi Cruz
A man from the future travels back in time to prevent a deadly virus from wiping out the human race by searching for the doctor who formulated a secret vaccine.

Alina R. Co
Trapped, alone, and starving during a pandemic, Nancy thought she couldn’t have it any worse, until a tiny mouse trespasses on her life and turns it upside down.

Mia Daquial
Sometimes, messages come from beyond the grave, and for Esther Soriano, there’s one message she must give before time runs out.

Paola Aliedo
An aswang princess sets foot on the human world for the first time when she volunteers to save a witch, believed to have caught the virus, and meets the man who saved her life once.

MD Jau
Torn between the love she nurtured and the pain of losing her husband, a widow caught in a web of emotional conflicts finds her strength to move forward when she realizes that what she needs is already inside her.

Paola Luna
Before he could lose his chance, a nurse caught in the middle of the pandemic takes extra measures to express the love he found in a woman infected with the virus.

J.R. McKay
Stuck between heaven and hell, a guilt-ridden frontliner couple struggles to find peace without knowing what happened to the son they left behind after sacrificing their lives.

Nitz Tan
After another day at the hospital, a young and hopeful doctor yearns for a long break but instead gets an encounter with a child stuck in solitude.

Valerie Tantuachut
A toy maker receives an irresistible offer from an eccentric woman amid a pandemic lockdown: the opportunity to provide joy to others while saving his own.

Katie Velez
In a world where myths and deities belong to fantasy stories, a deity found her place in the modern world as a hospital orderly, but had to deal with a pandemic plaguing humans without revealing her powers.

The Paperback edition (Philippines) of Silver Linings will be launched on Aug. 8, 2020 at the 8Letters LitFest. Please join us there, too!

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