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DIY Leather Bookmarks

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Leather bookmarks

Creating beautiful things out of (almost) junk

Admittedly—and unashamedly—I’m a frugal artist and crafter. I seldom buy new materials.

Of course, it’s totally okay to buy crafting materials and supplies—and there’s a whole lot of them, either locally and internationally. 

But I like to make do with what I presently have on hand. I also have this nasty habit of storing and putting aside things that I think can still be used in the future, if and when creativity strikes and the need for them arises. 

It’s a fun way of getting rid of a lot of junk, don’t you think? It’s also gratifying to recycle and reuse objects that are seemingly useless and convert them into pretty, functional things.

For this DIY project, I made use of leather strips that were given to me a long, long time ago, plus some stickers, strings, buttons, acrylic paint, and whatever else I happen to have on hand.

I tried to use contact cement as adhesive, thinking of how they are used in leather shoes. But it didn’t work. It didn’t adhere. (I don’t know why.) So I made use of tapes instead: a two-sided tape and a foam tape. They worked like a charm!

It was fun pairing materials to come up with colorful, inspirational, and functional bookmarks. 

And guess what? 

Each of these pretty creations will go with each purchase of my romcom book, It’s Not Just Semantics, at Gantala Press’ Gandang Ganda sa Sariling Gawa! Book/Zine/Art Fair for Women which will be held on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) in Manila.

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