Interview by Kara Skinner

In this interview by Kara Skinner, I talked about my writing process, favorite character and authors, and more.

Kara Skinner is a blogger, YouTuber, author, and ambassador for Trees for the Future, a non-profit fighting poverty and global warming. Check out her Blog and connect with her on her socmed accounts.

Interview by Kara Skinner

Here are some excerpts of the interview:

LQ: What was your favorite book to write so far?
MC: Every book I write is my favorite. I guess that’s the beauty in writing multiple and across genres. My books are not boxed in a certain genre. They’re a fusion of genres with themes that can appeal to a wide variety of readers, which can be meaningful on many levels.

Admittedly, I have yet to finish my works in progress of other genres different from what I’ve put out, but I’m getting there. I consider every new book I write a challenge to me as a writer and so, I strive to make it better than the last one.

LQ: Who is your favorite character to write about?
MC: Presently, it would be Tristan and Mavis, my latest characters and the hero and heroine, respectively, in Finding Kismet, my Sci-Fi Romance Thriller. He’s a brilliant biochemist who spent his life being a fugitive, persecuted for sins that are not of his making, while she’s a skillful, decorated alien soldier sent on a quest, unwittingly discovering her true nature and purpose. While Finding Kismet explores the science of advanced genetics and superior technology, it is more inclined to be character-driven, their struggles and relationships steering the plot more than the events around them.

LQ: Who are your favorite authors? Have any of them influenced your work?
MC: I acknowledge all the authors whose book I’ve read for making me the writer that I am now. They all have influenced my work in one way or another. Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Haruki Murakami, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, Colleen Hoover, Helen Hoang are just some of my favorite authors.

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