We Can All Be Superheroes is a Finalist at the 2022 Manila Bulletin Sketchfest

We Can All Be Superheroes, my artwork, is a Finalist at the recently concluded 2022 Manila Bulletin Sketchfest.

There’s a funny story behind my winning of We Can All Be Superheroes

My artwork, WE CAN ALL BE SUPERHEROES, is among the Top Ten Finalists in the Digital Category of the Manila Bulletin Sketchfest 2022 with the theme Saving Earth.

“We Can All Be Superheroes”

My artwork, “We Can All Be Superheroes,” depicts a man clad in superhero attire who promotes planting trees, building windmills, riding bicycles, using solar panels, and recycling to save earth.

If we can all do the same, we all can be superheroes and save Earth.

In my artwork, I want to reiterate that it doesn’t take super powers to save Earth. All it takes is discipline and a genuine love for the only planet we live in. 

We Can All be Superheroes

My We Can All Be Superheroes blooper

This award came completely unexpected for me. Here’s why:

Last Sept 30, I was too ill and spent almost my entire day in bed. Though I finished the artwork days before its deadline, I was too exhausted and sick when I sent in my entry. The next day, I can’t remember if I was able to finish sending it on time (midnight).

Thinking I failed, I consoled myself, saying I will just join next year’s competition, if there will be another one.

Well, apparently, I did submit my entry — and won! And I was unaware of any of this. That’s why I didn’t go to the awarding ceremony at SM Mall of Asia last October 22, 2022 because I wasn’t notified nor tagged on Facebook.  

It wasn’t until October 27, 2022 when someone from Manila Bulletin texted me to go to their main office – nearly one month after.

I was really blown away! Happily, of course!

So I went to the Main Office of the Manila Bulletin in Intramuros, Manila as instructed, and took a picture with my artwork for evidence.

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Being a finalist in a National Competition such as the Manila Bulletin Sketchfest 2022 is truly a blessing from God, for which I am very thankful. All praises I give back to Him who continually grants me the skills and the ability to create art.

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