Movie Review: Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is one of those films you keep watching in hopes that it’ll get better, only to be disappointed as each scene passes, until finally, when the end comes, you want to throw the remote at the TV. It’s that disappointing. It’s not even too scary or suspenseful. There were a few laughable […]

Movie Review: Replicas (2018)

Get it on iTunes (This post contains affiliate links. You can find my disclosure at the end of this post.) I really wanted this movie to be good. Especially because Keanu Reeves is the lead character. I’ve been a fan since I saw him in Speed (1994) with Sandra Bullock. But unlike Matrix (which is […]

The Space Between Us

“No matter how much I want her, Earth doesn’t want me.” I found it surprising that this movie was given a few negative reviews. I think it was because many people watched it with their minds primarily on the “romantic young love” angle. But if one were to look past the love story between the […]

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