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Cover Reveal and Blurb of HUNTED HONEYMOON​

Cover Reveal + Blurb: HUNTED HONEYMOON My soon-to-be-released book, HUNTED HONEYMOON's cover is here! My soon-to-be-released book, HUNTED HONEYMOON's cover is here! But here's the thing: I don't have just one Cover Reveal. Yep, not just one, but two Cover Reveals! These are the books under MEET THE PETERSONS Series, (previously Rich Girl, Hot Guy… Continue reading Cover Reveal and Blurb of HUNTED HONEYMOON​

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Multitasking and the Indie Author

{Writing} Multitasking and the Indie Author The indie author has to learn many things. And it's fun and fulfilling! via GIPHY Multitasking and the indie author is a bit like yin and yang. Two seemingly opposing forces (because let's face it, all the writer wants to do is write--we wish!), they are inseparable but interconnected,… Continue reading Multitasking and the Indie Author

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DIY Leather Bookmarks

{DIY Projects} Leather Bookmarks Creating beautiful things out of (almost) junk Admittedly---and unashamedly---I'm a frugal artist and crafter. I seldom buy new materials. Of course, it's totally okay to buy crafting materials and supplies---and there's a whole lot of them, either locally and internationally.  Powered by Creative Market But I like to make do with what… Continue reading DIY Leather Bookmarks

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The Writer as a Chef

Some people think writers are like wizards who wield their magic wands and murmur incantations, coming up with a finished story. Me, I’d like to think of writing in a more realistic, pragmatic way. Writing is a lot like cooking. Chefs, or professional cooks, come up with delectable dishes and sumptuous meals as a result… Continue reading The Writer as a Chef

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Just Do It

Yesterday I was asked, “What is the most valuable lesson you learned in publishing?” I guess the most valuable lesson I learned in publishing is: Just do it. This is not to mean, of course, that you plunge in with eyes closed and unprepared. Of course, you publish armed with the knowledge that you have… Continue reading Just Do It

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Rediscovering Creativity

As an indie author, this website will be a home for my books. But other than that, this place will also feature my book reviews, fiction writings, poems, artworks, and other creative and helpful stuff about writing and publishing. I’m still in awe, rediscovering my creative self after a long hiatus. Since I was a… Continue reading Rediscovering Creativity