Chroma Hearts in Retrospect

Chroma Hearts book in hand

Chroma Hearts in Retrospect Chroma Hearts‘ recognition as Penmasters Administration’s Best Published Book of the Year makes this writer think back on its long, arduous journey from writing to publication. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST OF THE WINNERS OF THE 2019 2ND GAWAD PARANGAL SA MUNDO NG LITERATURA (GPML) AWARDS BY PENMASTERS’ LEAGUE Imagine … Read more

Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye

Hello Love Goodbye Movie Review

{Movie Review} Hello, Love, Goodbye Whoever thought of pairing Alden Richards with Kathryn Bernardo in this bittersweet love story is a genius, proven by the film’s continued success in the box-office. Relatable, realistic but light and humorous tale of the ups and downs of the lives of the OFWs in Hong Kong. Hello, Love, Goodbye … Read more

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