Chroma Hearts in Retrospect

Chroma Hearts in Retrospect

Chroma Hearts‘ recognition as Penmasters Administration’s Best Published Book of the Year makes this writer think back on its long, arduous journey from writing to publication.

Chroma Hearts awards

Imagine that.

When I started writing Chroma Hearts on Wattpad in 2016, it was originally a fan fiction starring Alden  Richards, a Philippine actor. Call it wishful thinking, but I imagined him winning acting awards for this dark, intense, dramatic romantic thriller.

Alden Richards

I wasn’t really into fangirling celebrities, local or international. This was a first for me. I really admired him not only for his good looks and pleasing personality, but most especially his acting prowess, which drove me to write a story that I hoped he can deliver effectively as an actor. He was my muse. In my mind, no one can be Melvin but him.

Of course, this wishful thinking didn’t materialise. But I believed in the story so much that I contemplated self-publishing it on Amazon. In 2017, I enrolled in 8Letters’ Indie Publishing the Write Way online course.

I was seriously disheartened though, with the first book I self-published on Amazon. Nagging self-doubts killed the desire to bring Chroma Hearts out to the world.

Fast forward 2018. Ashamedly, I had been too discouraged to publish Chroma Hearts. Thus, I’d also been slack in replying to 8Letters’ emails regarding my assignments on the self-publishing course. They kept it up, though, and gently prodded me to continue the course. I did, and finished it in record time. 

But. . . (yes, there’s still a but).

I was still plagued with so much doubts, fears, and insecurities that I didn’t feel like pushing through with publishing. Worse, I wanted to totally stop writing. I said this as much to Cindy Wong, girlboss of 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing.

I’ll never forget what she said. She said (or words to that effect), that I can do it and that she feels 2018 will be my year. 

It was the lift I desperately needed.

It  did not push me: it pulled me up.

(I’m eternally grateful to her for that. Thank you, Cindy.)

So, I made revisions upon revisions on Chroma Hearts to prepare it for publishing. I would wake up at 3:00 in the morning to edit and revise. Would you believe I changed the characters’ names three times? Changing names, it turned out, had a profound relevance which added to the thrill of the story’s twists. And in the course of that, I discovered and fixed plot holes, which prompted me to add scenes and dialogues. But the theme remained: true love wins against all odds.

On April 2018, I published Chroma Hearts on Amazon and had my first ever book launch sponsored by 8Letters. 

In the following year, glowing reviews for the book gave me a boost of self-confidence and motivated me to write and publish other books. To this date, I have self-published ten books and a co-author of three anthologies. 

Chroma Hearts review

But when I was notified  that Chroma Hearts is nominated for Best Published Book of the Year by Ms. Emerald Blake of Penmasters League, I didn’t think I’d win. 

You know the movie Cars? Well, I saw my co-nominees as Lightning McQueens: new, shiny, well-oiled writing machines. While I am Mater: a rusty, slow-moving, forgetful, old. . . Tow Truck! What chance did I have?

I didn’t even know I won. If not for a friend who messaged me (thank you again, Katie!), I was blissfully unaware of it. Yes, I tried to watch the livestream of the event, but I only got to do it in bits and pieces. Certainly, I did not see the part when CH was announced! Here’s what’s really funny: I even sent a message to our group chat congratulating the winners without fully knowing the list, in which I was included.

Told ya: rusty, slow, oldie me. 

But seriously: this rusty, slow, oldie me is full of gratitude to the esteemed Judges who voted for CH and myself, as well as to Miss Emerald Blake and the people behind Penmasters. I am truly honored and humbled.

Looking back, I realize everything fell into place at the right time with the right people. People who believed, took a chance on, and supported writers like me. 

If you’re a writer, I highly recommend 8Letters’ Indie Publishing  the Write Way. Look them up! They’re really serious in helping writers to self-publish. This is their promise, and they truly deliver. I’m a living proof.

"This online workshop will run for three months, and while we send you the emails, we will also hold your hand every step of the way. What does that mean? - We will offer you honest advice about your book. - Once you publish your book, we will help with the promotional stuff (you're not alone in this! We will make as much noise as we can!). - We will cheer you on until you get to the finish line!"
Indie Publishing the Write Way course

Would you like to see if the recognition (or my babbling here) is worth it? 

For a limited time, Chroma Hearts paperback edition is available ON SALE for only Php 200 (Philippine buyers only).

Just send me a message here, or on my socmed accounts for purchase details.

Blurb of Chroma Hearts

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