Brew Writing Process

Savior - Silver Linings

“Brew writing” definitely describes my writing process. I’d like to share how. SAVIOR is the title of my story included in LitArt Hub’s anthology, SILVER LININGS: Stories of Love, Hope & Courage in a Pandemic Setting.⠀ ⠀ This is the first time I wrote a time travel story and as usual, I did a lot … Read more

Silver Linings: LitArtHub’s First Anthology

Silver Linings LitArtHub's First Anthology

Ladies and gentlemen: presenting SILVER LININGS, LitArtHub‘s first anthology. The eBook edition is now available for Preorder on Amazon! Get it on a discounted price of $2.99! Release date is on July 4, 2020 on Amazon and other digital platforms. It will also be available for purchase on LitArtHub. Our Virtual Book Launch Party for … Read more

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