Multitasking and the Indie Author

Multitasking and the indie author is a bit like yin and yang. Two seemingly opposing forces, they are inseparable but interconnected, interdependent, and interrelated to one another. A correct balance between them must be reached in order to achieve harmony. In the writing world, harmony here equates to success and/or sales. 

I’m going to go all philosophical and conclude that: Being an indie author is a study in multitasking. 

How so? Let me count the ways:

  1. You get to be a writer and weave stories of your own, unique version. 
  2. You get to be an entrepreneur, study the market, and make business decisions for your books. 
  3. You get to be a publisher and know the ins and outs of preparing and producing your digital and printed works. 
  4. You get to be a social media manager and create, curate and manage content. 
  5. You get to be a publicist, where you generate and manage promotion and publicity for your books.
  6. You get to be an extrovert (albeit painfully forced and temporary for introverts like me), go out of your shell and mingle with the writing community and the world at large (repeat: forced and temporary).

Can you add more to this list? Comment below!

For me, aside from writing, the most fun I found doing is creating graphics and artworks for my books. I’m sure you have seen all those here in my site and my Facebook Page and Instagram. Doing these things also make me rise out of my writing block and make me focus.

The indie author has to learn many things. And it’s fun and fulfilling!

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