Book Review: Desire and the Deep Blue Sea

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Desire and the Deep Blue Sea

Desire and the Deep Blue Sea cover by Olivia Dade

Desire and the Deep Blue Sea is a light novella packed with relatable realities in the workplace and a dash of humor. The fake boyfriend trope is always a delight to read, and Callie and Thomas got to do it in front of the camera in various amazing island settings.

What I especially liked in this book is the way each of them described the other, which was a dead giveaway of their feelings. This brings home the fact that true love sees beyond a person’s physical attributes. It’s the little things: the seemingly mundane habits, the annoying quirks, the idiosyncracies, the hidden talents and gifts that no one else can see but the person who is connected to us by heart. 

I also liked how understanding and communication between two people in a relationship were given importance and due care here. Relationships need words to be able to work, as well as a listening ear and an understanding heart, and the author stressed this in this book.

Desire and the Deep Blue Sea took me to three different kinds of island paradise, and like Cassie I loved the last one. Though I would have liked to have read more of their workplace clashes to establish the depth of their feelings for each other and for more humor, I am fairly satisfied with this book.

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Desire and the Deep Blue Sea is available for pre-order here.




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