Goal Setting for the New Year (Part 1)

It’s that time of the year again: setting writing goals for the year ahead.

But this time, I’m starting on a new note.

The end of a year is when people normally take stock of everything that happened in their lives.
But most importantly, this is also the time to plan  for the upcoming year.
And for a writer, planning is crucial. 
2020 will be gone in a few days (thank goodness!). It wouldn’t do well for us to dwell on the dark year that was, except on the lessons it brought. 
I choose to set my sights ahead and create a writing plan for the new year.
But this time, I’m doing it differently.
I’m starting off with a MANIFESTO.

Manifesto and Goal Setting

Britannica defines manifesto as “a document publicly declaring the position or program of its issuer.” Aside from advancing a set of ideas, opinions, or views, but it can also lay out a plan of action. Britannica goes on to say that a manifesto often marks the adoption of a new vision, approach, program, or genre. 

Why Start Off with a Manifesto?

Too often in the course of a year, we are deluged with many situations which may or may not shake our determination and derail our plans, causing us to lose sight of our goals.
A manifesto will serve as a Reminder, a Guide, and a Fence all at the same time. 
But I’m not talking about just any Manifesto. I’m talking about Josh Spector’s A MANIFESTO FOR CREATIVE PEOPLE. 

This Manifesto hit the bull’s eye for me in terms of my creativity and self-esteem. Many thanks to the brilliant mind of Josh Spector for coming up with this!

And since I am a visual person, I made an infographic out of it.

Like with Josh, this infographic is FREE for every creative person out there. (Okay, even not creatives.)

You can also get this infographic in my Resource Library.

Me, I’ll be printing this out and tacking it on the wall where I can always see it.

More on Goal Setting on my Next Post!

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