Book Review: Ghost of a Feeling

trinidad-ghost-of-a-feeling5 out of 5 stars

I really loved this book and highly recommend this to everyone!

Reading Cris’ story felt very much like steadily climbing a steep, rocky hill, reaching the top, then merrily sliding down, coming to a grassy, peaceful pasture.

The book was beautifully woven with a seamless plot and perfectly, realistically intertwined characters. Chapter by chapter, the pieces of the puzzle were made to rightfully fall snugly to their proper place to form a beautiful tapestry of relatable human emotions and the triumph of human courage.

I love Nathan. He is the perfect guy, the long-suffering lovestruck martyr whom fate (with a stroke of ingenuity and a strange sense of humor) took pity on, giving him a second chance at love because he deserved it.

Cris struck so many chords and echoed the exact same sentiments achingly familiar to many of us. Maybe in varying degrees and in different situations, but the emotions and the never ending questions are the same.

Far be it from me for thinking wishfully, but I sincerely, truly pray that this book can be a personified version of Emilio/Nathan to all the Cris-like people out there. That by reading this, anyone contemplating to jump over the ledge in a moment of utter despair will be stopped and given a new ray of hope – hope that life is still worth living and that if we just KEEP ON, happiness may just be waiting around the corner.

Thank you, Celestine Trinidad, for giving me this opportunity to read Ghost of a Feeling’s ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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