Her Poem

This is a poem in a finished manuscript of mine which I intend to self-publish next year (I hope!). Here’s the blurb of that book, tentatively titled Chroma Hearts: 

A new bride suffering from catatonic depression. A loving and purposeful husband willing to sacrifice everything to break through the desolation and darkness of the black pit in which her brain escaped to. And a diabolical mind who will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

Alec and Maia are childhood sweethearts. Theirs is a love that was nurtured through the years. Despite a hideous, sickening tragedy which they thought was resolved, their love persisted still. Only to be faced with another more tragic, devastating reality, causing Maia’s mind to switch off and Alec could only watch helplessly.

Will their hearts be strong enough to triumph over this most extreme test to their love? And what price will they have to pay to finally solve the mystery of the abominable injustice done to Maia?

In this heart-wrenching, gripping romantic thriller, the power of true love wrecks the solid prison erected by a catatonic mind to escape the brutal reality of a heinous crime. This is the story of how a man’s determination triumphantly breaks through the barriers of the mysterious brain and how a woman’s bravery proves that the heart has the strength and capacity to be more powerful than the mind can ever be.

Her Poem

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

I love you with a love

That springs from the deepest recesses of my heart

And emanates from the very abyss of my soul.

I love you as the soil thirsts for the rain

And hungers for the warmth of the sun.

I love you with the passion of a smoldering fire

Which ardor lives for your embrace.

I love you on times of quietude

Of sweet whispers and gentle touches

And on times of tumult and blues

Of angry words and tearful outbursts–

After which our love triumphs anew

Resolute than before, vowing to endure.

I love you with my every breath, with all my strength

With every touch, and smile, and tear, and kiss.

And if God so wishes,

I will love you

. . . in life and in death. . .

And even in between.

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