Author Interview: Beth Galit

Author Interview: Beth Galit

Getting to Know Pinoy Indie Authors

I truly feel Pinoy (Filipino) Indie Authors are underrated and, most times, underappreciated. In support, I am featuring interviews with Pinoy Indie Authors here on my Blog.

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Author Interview: Beth Galit

Get ready to get to know Beth Galit, our Featured Pinoy Indie Author! Aside from being an Author, she’s also a Blogger, offers Editing and Publishing services, and is also a Website Manager.

.About Beth Galit

Beth started writing stories in high school, at the back of her math notebook. She shifted to yellow lined papers in junior year, and one of her manuscripts was confiscated by the journalism teacher. She tried to rewrite that story. It is available for reading in Wattpad.

When she’s not working, she is usually curled up with a good book, highlighting the words that strike her the most. If not, she’s firing up her keyboard, writing stories about the strangers who live rent-free in her head. They’d meet in cute places, fall in love, engage in consensual safe sex, and eventually question themselves about their life choices and talk about them with their support group (well, not particularly in that order). On days when she’s tired and she wants to get back at them for attacking her at three in the morning demanding their happy ending as soon as possible, she’d watch Asian dramas or maybe a series that’s meant for smart people, so she’d feel smart too. 

The sunshine is irresistible sometimes, so Beth would convince herself to completely doll up and go out. Then she’d find a dainty coffeeshop that’s not just instagrammable but actually serves exceptional coffee and perhaps some pastries to go along with it. It’d be so much better if they offered phenomenal pasta too.

Beth Galit

Beth Galit

Author, Blogger, Editor, Website Manager

Q & A with Beth Galit

What inspired you to become a writer, and when did you start writing?

I started writing during my teenage years. I was your typical fangirl who was gaga about Nick Carter and the Backstreet Boys (now go figure how old I am! 😂). So I wrote fanfic mostly, with me, my friends and our idols as characters.

Fast forward to 2014, I got sick and had to stay home with nothing to do. Kim Derla, a bestselling author and a good friend, suggested maybe I could submit something to Lifebooks too, because she got her book published. That’s how my first print, Destiny Cheated Me was born.

Could you share a bit about your creative process? Do you have any rituals or routines when you write?

Nothing, really. I’d just fire up my laptop and write, on days when I am not too lazy to do so. Or I’d type in my phone. I stopped forcing myself to make coffee and sit comfortably because I’d end up opening social media tabs!

Is there a particular theme or message you often find yourself exploring in your work?

I like working girls in my stories. Also, some never-ending friendships. All my female leads are members of their own unofficial girl club! I like that kind of support system, something I’d give to my real-life bestie queens.

How do you develop your characters? Are they inspired by real people or entirely fictional?

If there’s one thing I love about the entire writing process, it’s building characters. Granted, I wrote characters that are based on real-life people but I’d like to add a twist to them.

For fictional characters, I’d create a slum-book type questionnaire, assume that character and imagine how he or she would answer the questions. Are they an only child, middle child or an Asian eldest daughter? Are they coming from a happy family? Do they have good peers? For me, this is the most important part of the writing process because if I somehow come to a point when I could no longer figure out what’s next to the story, the characters would tell me what happens because they are “3D”.

What challenges do you typically face while writing, and how do you overcome them?

My procrastination! LOL Overthinking too. Most of the time, I think too much about the story that I forget the fact that I should just be doing it for fun. I think somehow, some workshops “ruined” me in a way, because the rules and things keep popping out of my head like a wildfire and my inner self would nag at me for every incorrect technical detail I make with my manuscript. What if I used a politically incorrect term? What if I unknowingly used a derogatory word (I didn’t know gypsy is derogatory until recently, sorry!) and somehow I offend people with it? Are they gonna make me go viral on TikTok?

So yes, it took me years to write again. And I feel so extra. Hahaha and of course, grateful.

Are there any authors or books that have significantly influenced your writing style?

Julie Anne Peters wrote magnificently. She’d weave the words so flawlessly they’re almost too lyrical. I really want to have that kind of writing style.

How do you handle writer’s block or moments when inspiration seems elusive?

I talk to people. Nicole, my high school fangirling buddy, heavily influenced the flow of my creative juices. It’s like, I’d tell her what’s currently happening with my characters and she’d mention a single word and bam—I know what’s next! Also Kim, though she’s more on the moral implications and technical things.

In what ways do you think your writing has evolved or changed since your first published work?

My recent works are well-researched and more polished! There are still a lot of things that I need to improve on but I should say I improved even for a bit. Plus, I have already gained more experience since my first published work so that also adds up to the improvement.

Can you share any sneak peeks or hints about your upcoming projects or works-in-progress?

I just finished working on a fantasy romance. This is my first fantasy romance, and the longest I’ve written so far. I had a lot of fun working on it, there was a lot of creative freedom and I was allowed to do it with little to no pressure at all.

As for the story, it’s about a Philippine mythical creature who unexpectedly fell in love with a human which can be fatal for him if not handled well. There’s beach and sunsets and booze and hot muscular bartenders. I think you should watch out for it. 🩷

What advice would you give to aspiring writers who are just starting their journey?

Just write. When the world gets too crazy and you feel sad and lonely, write about it. On days when you’re winning, don’t forget to write how you feel about it. Write when you’re stuck in traffic. Then read. Read while you’re waiting in line. Read on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Then write again.

Read. Write. Talk to people. You’ll never know from which of these three the next great story will come. Just do it.

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Beth Galit

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