What’s In a Name?

What’s in a Name? I take a lot of time and research in deciding the names of my characters. Here are the meanings and origins of my character names in my WIP, Aquosvegna: The Trident of Power.

Footnotes in Fiction: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

Footnotes in fiction: let’s talk about them.I just watched Crazy Rich Asians on Netflix. And you know what? I liked it way better than the book—which I didn’t finish. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice story. But there was something in it that put me off.https://youtu.be/ZQ-YX-5bAs0IT WAS THE FOOTNOTES.  I am no stranger to footnotes. […]

2-Ingredient Chili Garlic Shrimp

A two-ingredient meal? You might think me nuts, but there is such a thing. And it’s because of a secret ingredient I’ve discovered!Unlike my plots, I like things and chores to be simple.  Especially my cooking. There are, of course, special occasions when I have to slave myself in the kitchen to produce a satisfying meal for […]

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