Author Interview: Keira Viresse

Getting to Know Pinoy Indie Authors

I truly feel Pinoy (Filipino) Indie Authors are underrated and, most times, under appreciated. In support, I am resuming my interviews with Pinoy Indie Authors.

In addition, I have also created a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group specifically dedicated to empowering and equipping Pinoy writers to write, publish, and promote their books.

If you’re a Filipino indie author or writer, come join us! You’re welcome — whether you write in English, Taglish, or Tagalog. We’re all in this together!

Author Interview: Keira Viresse

For this week, we are pleased to feature Keira Viresse, an author and a Mathematics teacher. A most unusual combination, sure, but Keira does them both efficiently, Watch her in this fun and interesting interview.

.About Keira Viresse

Keira Viresse is an avid reader, a music enthusiast, and a mathematics teacher. She pursues her love for words by writing stories and poems.
She is the author of Her Best Friend’s Birthmark, a novel about two long-time best friends who fell in love during the pandemic, thanks to a special birthmark.

Her other published works include short stories, a poetry collection, and essays in print and e-book anthologies.

A Journey Through Eight Realms by LitArt Publishing includes her short story titled “The Price of the Wishing Pendant.” The book placed fifth in the 2022 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards (FRCA) Top 10 Finalists under the English Fiction Anthology (Batch 2) Category.

She has been enjoying the challenging but fulfilling life of being a teacher and still finds time to write whenever possible.

Get to know more about Keira Viresse and her books by visiting online.

Keira Viresse

Keira Viresse

Author, Educator, Mathematics teacher

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