Short, Sweet & Steamy Romances

YOU’RE MINE SERIES is all about a different breed of cinnamon roll heroes.

These guys are hot, handsome, and faithful to only one woman.

They are long-suffering men who have patiently waited on the sidelines, pining for their respective women—until they decide to take action and claim what’s theirs.

Find out what each of them do to make their woman realize—finally—that “you’re mine!”

Each story is a standalone but they are best read in order for a more enjoyable reading experience.

Book 1: Robin & Chloe – BACK HOME TO YOU
Book 2: Gabriel & Denise – IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU
SOON: Daniel & Claudia

Back Home To You is a second chance amnesia romance and the first Book in the You’re Mine Series of short, sweet and steamy romances.

Till when do you hold on, and when do you let go?


I have everything money can buy. My parents make sure of that.

But I feel hollow. I feel like a part of me is missing. I’m wandering aimlessly. I don’t know where to go, what road to take, or how to retrace my steps back to wherever I was before. . . if I was even in any particular place before. I am lost and I don’t know how to un-lost myself.

Or, maybe, I’m just waiting for the right person to find me? Maybe I’m holding on for someone with whom I belong. . . with whom I call home.

But for how long?



I’ve been trying so hard and for so long to get my estranged wife alone, and on board the ship where I am bartending, I am given that rare chance.

Instead, against my better judgment, I end up in bed with a stranger, a woman who doesn’t know me. Stupid me to think it’ll fix my screwed-up situation. It doesn’t. I still have a wife whose memory hasn’t come back, whose condescending wealthy parents still have control over her.

Maybe it’s time I let go of my illusion that our marriage is worth saving. Maybe it’s time to let her go.

But can I?


IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU is a hilarious, enemies-to-lovers romance and the second Book in YOU’RE MINE Series of short, sweet and steamy romances. It’s Always Been You is the edited, expanded and retitled version of my short story in the chick lit anthology The Trouble with Men.

Can two people who have played the cat-and-dog game for years end up playing house?


Technically, Denise and I have been a “thing” since fifth grade. Problem is, she thought it was nothing, but to me it was everything.

So, I have been biding my time and saving myself for her—fifteen years, to be exact—until she comes to her senses. And to make sure she remembers, I basically became her shadow, even though I’m annoying sometimes. Okay, most of the time.

Then what does she do? She suddenly hooks up with a jerk named Nick, and now I’m her unwilling co-stalker to prove he’s cheating. How crazy is that?

Well, I’ve had it! I’m making use of our first time alone together to remind her about us. I’m upping my game. And this time, she’ll come around.

Won’t she?


Gabriel is my enemy number one ever since I can remember, bullying me and teasing me endlessly, basically making my life hard and difficult.

Okay, granted, he’s been in all my birthdays and parties and graduation, always tailing me wherever I go, always hovering nearby, always fixing things for me. But he’s. . .he’s so. . . mean!

How so, you ask? Well . . . he always makes me feel like. . .  like he owns me or something. Like I belong to him. Seriously.

Well, he doesn’t own me. I don’t belong to him.

Or do I?


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