What’s In a Name?

What’s In a Name?

Here’s a bit of a trivia about my WIP – AQUOSVEGNA: THE TRIDENT OF POWER

Origins of Names 

I take a lot of time and research in deciding the names of my characters. In my other stories, before I finally publish, I often change names a few times, sometimes as many as six times! This is because I feel that the name I give to a character should suit his or her personality as well as the part he/she plays in the story.

In Aquosvegna, the names of the main characters are taken from various origins.
Here are their names and meaning:

Ione means violet flower, from the Greek word, “ion” meaning “violet.” It suits her perfectly because Ione is a Keeper of the magical crocus sativus, a purple flower. In our real world, it is a flower from which saffron, the most expensive spice in the word, is derived.

Leif means “heir,” “descendant,” of Scandinavian origin and came from the Old Norse name “Leifr.”

Jarl means “chieftain,” “nobleman,” “earl” in Old Norse.

Einar means “the lone warrior,” also in Old Norse.

Xyril is of Greek origin, meaning “lordly.”

Zeida is of Arabic origin and means “increase and abundance.”

Yrza is a variation of Ursula, from Latin “ursa,” meaning “she-bear.” (You’ll understand when you read the book)

P.S. (I couldn’t resist 😁) Do you know that the name Mayumi means Truth, Reason, Beautiful and is of Japanese origin? Literally, it means “true bow” as in archery. In Filipino, it means “demure, gentle.”

Do you know the origin and meaning of your name? Share them in the comments below! 😁
Whats in a name

Are you up for a game? Search the names listed below in the puzzle! 

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