Ode to our Crownless Heroes

Ode to our crownless heroes

ODE TO OUR CROWNLESS HEROES My humble tribute to our modern heroes: the health workers, the police, the delivery people, and all such persons who risk their lives in service to humanity in these trying times. Ode to our Crownless Heroes  As the brutal legionbearing crown-like spikesrages war and chaosOur heroes fight.Their shields are scrubstheir … Read more

A Bad Dream

CoVid19 Haiku by Mayumi Cruz

A BAD DREAM Have you ever had a bad dream from which you desperately try to wake up, only to find the dream is a reality? I am having such a dream. And with me, the whole world. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels Who would’ve thought this would happen? In a time of advanced medical … Read more

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