On Cheating and Owning Up to It

On Cheating and Owning Up to It

Cheating and owning up can have dire consequences.

There’s much ado about the “I have been unfaithful” statement these days because of certain local celebrities, and it’s been blowing up on social media.

Not jumping on the bandwagon here (okay, just a teenie weenie slightly 😉), but this gives me a perfect opportunity to talk about cheating. Ooh la la!

After all, in writing romance, this topic must be seriously considered.

In romance, more and more readers are not just looking forward to the “happy-ever-after” or “happy-for-now” ending.

Nowadays, picky readers require that a romance story (especially straight up romances) must not include cheating by any or either parties, even when there is a redemption arc.

Some writers may decry this, arguing that this does not reflect real life. But hey, let’s not forget that some readers read because they want to escape the harsh realities of life.

If some readers don’t want cheating in books, their wish should be respected.

But I digress.

Speaking of cheating:

Is cheating wrong? Yes.

Should cheating be owned up?

That last question is a bit tricky for an explicit answer.

True, owning up to one’s cheating is a noble act. It means you’re courageously owning up to the responsibility of your actions.

But I think it depends on how you do it.

Owning up to cheating by posting it on social media for everyone to see is not a very wise decision, especially if you’re a celebrity with thousands of followers. It opens you up to criticism, blame, and invasion of privacy.

I don’t want to speculate why some cheaters do this, but if they’re okay with this, who am I to complain? 😏

How about owning up to cheating by confessing it to your partner in his or her face? That certainly requires a much higher degree of courage, and may well deserve a resounding applause.

But if you do this without any remorse, without any assurance to stop cheating, and instead expect your partner to put up with your misdeed and go on with your relationship as if you’d done nothing wrong—then you should be condemned to hell.

Kidding! 😜 But I’m sure you get me. That isn’t a wise decision, either. Not to mention totally unfair to your partner.

What then is the whole point of this post?

In the first place, Do. Not. Cheat.

It’s as simple as that.

Life is already complicated as it is. Don’t complicate it more.

If you don’t cheat, you don’t have to own up to it, right?

Cheating is bad, wrong, and destructive to you, your partner, and relationships in general — period.

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