Metro News Central Interview: The Tie That Binds

Metro News Central Interview

Humbled and grateful for this feature article of me by Metro News Central and Ms MJ Blancaflor. Thank you so much!

I think I speak not only for myself but also for my eight co-authors in the first Pinoy Indie Authors Collab when I say that, we truly appreciate the features they did on us and our stories – because they did it differently.

They did not just ask us common interview questions. 

Instead, they sought out to go deep within ourselves and our stories, delving on the why and the who of each one of us— not only the what and the how.

In short, they got into the heart of our stories and into our minds, the authors who wrote them — and presented them to their readers in a way that highlighted what truly matters: each story’s themes and each writer’s soul.

So, thank you once again, Metro News Central and Ms MJ Blancaflor. Hope you continue your intuitive and discerning style of journalism.


THE TIE THAT BINDS” is available on: 

Or, just DM me.

THE TIE THAT BINDS brings together Philippine folklore and Artificial Intelligence.

This story is one of the nine-book-collection of “Manananggal in the City” – the first Pinoy Indie Authors Collab.


Can the worlds of AI and the Manananggal co-exist?

In a city where AI-powered technology is the way of life, my sister has gone missing. 

When I finally found her, she is not the same person anymore.

She is broken in spirit, damaged beyond repair, unable to come home.

I have to bring her home to make her whole again. But how do we defeat the powerful forces of science and innovation that prevent us from escaping?

Can the tie that binds us—the tie that’s greater than familial blood—free us from the bondage of Artificial Intelligence?

“THE TIE THAT BINDS” is available on: 

Or, just DM me.

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Mayumi Cruz The Inquisitor COVER


In the year 2132, there are only three hundred men left on Earth. Each of us old, diseased, damaged beyond healing. There are no women. Out of nowhere, a young, virile, perfect male arrives—the Inquisitor. He demands the truth behind the Purge which massacred females in a global scale to enforce the long-delayed justice by killing the guilty. And though it pains me to no end, I am forced to remember the horror and the lunacy of the past. . . and the part he unknowingly played in it. I am Ambrose. I am Herald.


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