eBooks Worth Reading This Weekend and They’re Free

eBooks Worth Reading this (still-stuck-in-quarantine) Weekend-- and they're Free!

Is your TV burning up? Maybe you have to let Netflix rest this weekend and pick up some ebooks worth reading from Amazon. And guess what? They’re absolutely free. For a limited time, that is.

There are soooo many Free books on Amazon. You can choose to your heart’s content! 

Here’s how: on the Amazon site, there is a Search Bar. 

Pull down that “All Departments” part and click on “Kindle store.” 

Type “free kindle books” on the Search bar, hit Enter, and voila!

You can also search for a specific genre or keyword you want to find. Just don’t forget to search for Free if you don’t want to spend a cent!

There are hundreds of free ebooks on Amazon. In this post, let me share with you what I think are worth reading this still-stuck-in-quarantine weekend:

Short Shorts

There are times we want stories that don’t require a lot of time to finish. In these anthologies, have a taste of fiction written in different genres inside one book, all under 2000 words. 


Julia Kent’s Shopping for a CEO is the first book of hers that I read and I laughed out loud in a mall with tears flowing down my face. This book is most definitely worth reading. 

I’m not really into Regency or Historical romances, but this one looks like it’s funny and heartwarming.

I’ve read this book way back in 2018 and was glad to see it for free again. This sports romance has many triggers, though. But every page is worth it.

Another great book I read in 2018. A romantic suspense series about a mother searching for her daughter, solving crimes along the way.

I downloaded this book in 2018 but am yet to finish it–it’s that scary. But I will really try to this year. It’s giving me pointers on writing a horror novel. 

This second chance romance is worth reading to me as I’m currently writing one.

Books on CoVid19

This one doesn’t need much explanation, and is very much needed in these times. The author is UK Military’s Chief Survival Instructor.

Kids should be informed, too. This illustrated book provides children and their parents with clear explanations about the coronavirus and its effects.

More Books Worth Reading

It’s about time to love thyself. This concise book promises to guide you in the right direction.

I needed this yesterday! I don’t like the cover much, but hey, the contents must be helpful if it’s #1 in One-Hour Education & Reference Short Reads.

A free ebook to find MORE free ebooks! Pretty funny, don’t you think?

Learn the time-proven secrets of earning as a blogger as Alex and Lauren guide you to the EXACT steps to building the blog of your dreams the RIGHT way.

Of course you won’t be able to finish reading them this weekend. But since they’re Free for now, it wouldn’t hurt to download them and read them for later. And then find more Free Books next week!

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