Happy to report that The Billionaire’s Widow has Five-Star Reviews! Yay!(And these, from people who are not my relatives or friends, but from true blue reviewers!)

Please don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate my family and friends who gave my books positive reviews, and I love them for that! But you see, some people scoff at reviews given by persons with affinity to authors. 

In this post, I just want to share my happiness that some readers (who are strangers to me) truly loved my book.


"It was a very intense story. Following his extreme reactions, her total confusion and then an extreme and interesting continuous plot-twist. He began as not so likeable and she was too sweet to be believed. But they made a great team when they worked together - against strong odds. I am so glad I continued reading to the end."
"This is a story that touches on so many levels that appeals to different genres. It is a mafia romance with elements of Shakespeare and fairytales as well."
"Intense from the beginning, mafia suspense, with deep romance. A page turner, absolutely cracking."
"This is a dark, intense story with some romance."

I am overjoyed by these reviews because the readers accurately described my writing style.

I seldom end up writing in a single genre, however orderly my plotting can be in the beginning. The characters I write always get their own way by creating their own back stories and confounding twists and turns. Even I myself gets surprised by how everything turns out in the end.

When a reader gets you as a writer, all your efforts and sacrifices are worth it.

My writer’s heart is grateful.

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