Author Interview: Paola Aliedo

Getting to Know Pinoy Indie Authors

I truly feel Pinoy (Filipino) Indie Authors are underrated and, most times, under appreciated. In support, I am resuming my interviews with Pinoy Indie Authors.

In addition, I have also created a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group specifically dedicated to empowering and equipping Pinoy writers to write, publish, and promote their books.

If you’re a Filipino indie author or writer, come join us! You’re welcome — whether you write in English, Taglish, or Tagalog. We’re all in this together!

Author Interview: Paola Aliedo

Teacher by day, Writer by night. That’s how Paola Aliedo, our featured author for this week, juggles her professional and creative  sides. Want to know how she does it? Read on:

.About Paola Aliedo

Paola Aliedo is a Filipino Indie Author, a Teacher, and a Blogger. She also writes under her pen name, Winter Aragon. Her works have been published in some book anthologies like A Time for Heists and Out of This World. She likes reading books with happy endings but enjoys writing stories with happy for now. She loves staying in the bookstore for a whole day, watching movies during her rest days, and listening to music while weaving story plots in her head at nighttime. 

Paola Aliedo

Paola Aliedo

Teacher/Educator by Day, Fantasy Writer by Night

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What inspired you to become a writer?

I actually started as a poet when I was in elementary school. What inspired me to become a writer was that there were characters, ideas, and stories that formed in my mind that I wanted to voice out. 

Could you describe your writing routine? 

This might be funny, but I swear this happens most of the time. My characters usually talk to me when I am taking a bath. So… I would scribble down the story when I went out of the comfort room or when I was riding in a tricycle to work. It is an unusual writing routine because I don’t write every day. 

How do you develop your story ideas?

If it is a short story, a song that I heard or remembered help me create plots and characters. If it is a novel, I usually make a draft of chapter titles, and from there, it will guide me with the story flow. 

How do you approach creating memorable characters? 

Most of the time, I would be one of the characters (not the main lead, okay!) so that I could share my experiences, personality, and antics. With regard to the main characters, I make sure it’s someone opposite to me, and to make it more memorable, I sometimes kill one of the beloved characters.  


How do you balance research and creativity in your writing?

When I do research, I make sure that it is for research purposes only. I don’t copy the details. If I can rephrase it or make it more readable, I will do it. It is just a matter of knowing what you should add for the sake of the story and letting your imagination flow.

What challenges have you faced as an author? 

Rejection, lack of energy, and time to write, especially if I have a deadline. Though I have joined many writing contests in the back of my mind, I know that I probably failed to get into all the call for submissions. Writing every day is a challenge because I don’t usually do it, and I don’t have enough time to write because of my day job.

How do you deal with writer’s block or self-doubt?

I really don’t believe in writer’s block, it is just pure laziness. You are probably like me, who is too lazy to even begin to write. Self-doubt would be always present and I make it as my inspiration. I won’t let people pull my self-esteem especially since I worked hours to reach the end and had sleepless nights to beat the deadline. 

What advice do you have for aspiring authors? 

No writer experienced a perfect draft from his/her first story. We all fail in our first try. It is okay. Write whatever genre you are most comfortable with, but don’t forget to have your own writing voice. Don’t quit, you can rest for a while and bounce back stronger when you are ready to write again. 

Can you give us a sneak peek into your upcoming projects? 

Right now, I am doing my best to write this short story with no romance from an invite collaboration. Wish me luck!

What’s the message in your latest book and why did you choose it? 

There is no particular message from my latest book, but I hope aspiring writers and those who want to quit writing will be motivated to push on, write and publish their own book. 

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