A Quiet Place Part 2 review

Flash Movie Review: A Quiet Place 2

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

I loved A Quiet Place so much that I read up on John Krasinski and his beautiful wife, Emily Blunt for months. I even watched The Devil Wears Prada again!

A Quiet Place was a phenomenal film. It was a genius movie which made use of sign language and facial expressions to convey action and feelings like no other. It elicited horror, suspense and thrill in every arc. Though films like The Silence and Bird Box tried to imitate it, these films fell short.

That’s why when A Quiet Place Part 2 was announced, I eagerly awaited for its release.

The verdict? It’s okay.

But nothing beats Part 1. Maybe it’s because of the novelty or the uniqueness of it. 

John Krasinski’s direction is still the best in creating gripping scenes as well as foreshadowing ones. Emily Blunt’s acting, as well, as the rest of the cast, was great.

But the movie’s all-too-important mystery wasn’t satisfactorily answered. It only gave a glimpse of it – a piecemeal- which I reckon, is intended to generate interest for Part 3 or more in the future.

What is this all-too-important mystery? 

The origin and backstory of the aliens or the monsters. 

By not giving this mystery a significant part in the movie, it only became a copy of the first film: by zooming in on the struggles of a family’s almost superhuman efforts to stay alive in the midst of an alien invasion. It didn’t move forward much.

But this only means though, that there is a Part 3. 

Still, Part 2 could have been more entertaining if the alien angle was sufficiently explained with a cliffhanger.

There were also some noticeable plot holes:

  • Aren’t there any military strongholds left? Or military forces who should have been searching for survivors?
  • How can an infant survive without oxygen for more than five minutes?
  • Why didn’t the monster in the boat kill them while they were at sea? 

But I still loved it despite these flaws.

I’m waiting for Part 3. I only hope though, that the writers will not ignore the alien angle anymore.

How about you?

Have you watched A Quiet Place Part 2? What are your thoughts about it? Share it in the comments below.


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