2-Ingredient Chili Garlic Sauce

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A two-ingredient meal? You might think me nuts, but there is such a thing. And it’s because of a secret ingredient I’ve discovered!
Unlike my plots, I like things and chores to be simple. 
Especially my cooking.
There are, of course, special occasions when I have to slave myself in the kitchen to produce a satisfying meal for my family.
But when you have a personal deadline for your book and you want to limit yourself to simple, ingredient-less meals that you can whip out in less than fifteen (15) minutes (YES!), but still delicious and healthy (more or less), you have to improvise.
That’s what I do in the kitchen. And that’s how I came up with this recipe.
2-ingredient chili garlic shrimp
Without further ado, here it is:
Recipe by Mayumi Cruz
1/2 kg shrimp
2 Tablespoons Chili Garlic Sauce (any brand will do – you can even make your own!)
1. Put a pan under low heat. Add a teaspoon of oil or butter and the chili garlic sauce. (You may choose to add water if you want it less spicy and a thinner, broth-like consistency.) Simmer for two minutes.
2. Add the shrimp. Mix once or twice with the sauce.
3. When the shrimp turns orange in color, it is cooked.
4. Serve hot. Enjoy!
2-ingredient chili garlic shrimp
Personally, I add just a tablespoon of water to retain a thicker consistency of the sauce. Sure, it’s spicy, but our family loves spicy foods!
You can also do this with pork, beef, chicken, fish, or even ground meat. Heck, I even mix it with my spaghetti sauce. Honestly, Chili Garlic Sauce is my secret ingredient in almost all my dishes.
Easy-peasy, right? Try this recipe and tell me on the comments below how you fared. I’m excited to know!
2-ingredient chili garlic shrimp
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