We Are All WIPs

WIP stands for work in progress. For writers, this means a story that is being progressively modified and improved over time.

As a writer, we usually have outlines of our stories, a veritable road map of what should happen, and a clear vision of the ending. But there are times when certain characters run rampant. When the path, events, and pace of the story are set by them, instead of staying true to the writer’s outline.

Any writer would have experienced this. When this happens, we’re not in control of the characters anymore, much less the story. It is the characters who decide and develop their own version of their tale.

Yet as a writer, we are always by their side, hovering over them, guiding them – still – towards the ending we have in sight.

Like the characters in our stories, we are all WIPs under the hands of our God.

Here’s to writing more stories in 2019! ?

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