Reinventing Oneself for the Better

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Reinventing Oneself for the Better

We are never too old to reinvent ourselves for the better.

So…this happened yesterday.

invitation to graduation

April 16, 2019. For the second time around, I graduated from school again. This time, it’s with a Master’s degree in Educational Management. 

I’d be lying if I said it was an easy ride. In fact, there were so many rocky, rough patches along the way. I struggled with many things: self-doubt, grief, uncertainty, time management, finances, insecurities; even priorities. In the end, there was no option but to heed this voice within myself that won’t go away: You have to finish this.

For someone who hadn’t opened an academic book for over thirty years (except when helping with my children’s homeworks), studying again can be daunting. There were many times I questioned my sanity, asking myself if I really have to do this. At my age, what do I have to prove? I had my prime. I had my share of productive years to look back on. 

But then, by the grace of God, I am still living. Complicated health issues aside, I can still move and walk. And when moving and walking, there was no other way to go— but forward. Not just forward, but for the better.

This was further asserted by the guest speaker in our graduation ceremonies, Dr. J. Prospero de Vera III, Chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education in the speech he gave before an audience of over 2,800 College graduates, post-graduates and their families and loved ones at the world-renowned Philippine Arena.

The world-renowned Philippine Arena in Ciudad de Victoria, Bocaue, Bulacan
During graduation ceremony inside the Philippine Arena

Dr. de Vera shared his wise advice for the newly graduates which he summarized in the three letters that also stand for my alma mater’s acronym: NEU.


Never lose faith


Excel in your craft


Uplift others

He admonished us to never lose faith in ourselves, constantly learn to excel in our craft or chosen field, and uplift others by sharing our knowledge.

If I were to put it in not so many words, it would be this: constantly reinventing oneself for the better. Constantly, as in every day. Every opportune time. Reinventing oneself for the better should never stop. 

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And it should always be forward, never backward. Because, as Steve Harvey said, “You can’t go forward and backward at the same time.”

“You can’t go forward and backward at the same time.”
220px SteveHarveyHWOFMay2013 cropped
Steve Harvey
Host & Author

Reinventing oneself can be as simple as learning a new skill or language. It can also mean changing your wardrobe, your habits, your attitude or mindset. So is levelling up and setting higher goals. 

However way one does it, I think the key phrase should always be “for the better.” Better for yourself and for the people and institution that matter most. Better, foremost, for the glory of the one true God who works in all things for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose.

Yesterday was a joyous occasion, indeed, for me and my family. I don’t have many pictures taken during the graduation ceremony, but the memory will linger on for years to come—along with the degree I acquired, of course. 

You are never too old to reinvent yourself.

Steve Harvey

host & author

220px SteveHarveyHWOFMay2013 cropped
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