New book! It’s Not Just Semantics

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It’s Not Just Semantics

Just popping in to announce the good news: IT’S NOT JUST SEMANTICS is now LIVE! Paperback edition will be out soon.

I had so much fun writing this book. It was originally a Wattpad story of mine with a different, angsty, tearful twist, a la telenovela style with a happy ending.

But writing it in book form turned it to become a lighter version without tears and with less angst. I can truly say this is a fun read!

It has Filipino characters, age 30s. Romantic pergola under the stars, blanketed by white curtains and fairy lights. A trail of tea light candles with sampaguita flowers. Oh, and there’s pandesal, taho, tinapang bangus, and bayawak! Set in a fictional island paradise. Did I mention this book’s got lots of tongues? Yep, from page one to the last (gasp!)

Intrigued? One-click it HERE.

This is the first book in a series of standalone romances set in an island paradise. Absolutely no cliffhangers and guaranteed happy ending!


Get ready for a delightful, heartwarming, tongue-filled (!) romantic comedy.


Rome Alvez is a disgraced champion race car driver, a notorious playboy, and he’s her stoical Boss.   Alex Hernandez is his efficient but smart-mouth and willful Personal Assistant tasked to repackage his image and bring him back to glory.  

He’s sarcastic. She’s cynical.  

He’s a player. She’s a man-hater.  

From the first moment they met, it’s a battle of wit, wills, and principles. Their views and values on relationships are poles apart. They don’t hold them back from each other, expressing them in colorful language every chance they get.   But in reality, both are cowards in disguise, scared and scarred, ruined by people close to them.   So what do they do when they find themselves drawn to each other despite their differences? They run around in circles and chalk up that “something” between them to just plain desire. After all, desire, attraction, lust, chemistry—those are the same banana, aren’t they? It doesn’t matter how they word it.   It’s just semantics. Or is it?   What if that “something” between them masks a deeper feeling which they can’t refuse or deny?   What if fate brought them together to heal each other’s emotional wounds and give them the courage to take a risk on love?

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