New! Book Covers, Book Bundle, Updated Edition

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I have many NEWs! New Book Covers, a Book Bundle, and an Updated Edition!

The beauty of being an indie author is you have complete control over your books. That means changing book covers, updating an edition, or bundling books for budget-conscious readers.

In a stroke of inspiration (and while battling writer’s block), I created new covers for my two books: Finding Kismet and Dinner for Two.

Not only that, I updated Dinner for Two by adding seven–yes, seven!–more stories ranging from the paranormal, to vampire, to zombie, to Philippine mythology. Some of these stories have won awards and recognitions in various online publications, and I want to share them with my readers.

Dinner for Two & Other Speculative Short Fiction will also be FREE for a limited time on Amazon on July 25-26, 2020! Save the date! (And please, leave a review – it’ll be greatly appreciated!)

I’ve also bundled up the Meet the Petersons Series. Books 1 and 2 of Richard and Megan’s romantic comedy adventures are bundled up together in one collection for a cheaper price than buying the two separate books. 

(This means I really have to finish Books 3 and 4!) 

Whew! These took a lot of time and effort. But for indie authors like me, they’re well worth it.  

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