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Sharing is caring! This gem of a website offers free tools for publishing your book on Amazon. They have paid services too, the most popular of which is their Reviewer Services.

In my quest to educate myself more about keywords, I came upon this website.

Hidden Gems Books is known for its paid Author Services such as Cover Design, Editing, Blurb Writing, ARC Program, Reviewer services, and more.

They also have free services for penny-pinching authors like me. These Free Tools are the Amazon Blurb Previewer and Amazon Keyword Organizer. free tools

The Amazon Blurb Previewer Tool customizes your blurb. Its preview panel will display your blurb as it appears on Amazon. After designing your blurb to your preferred styles, you can easily copy your blurb’s HTML code  and paste it directly into your book’s “Description” field on your KDP Bookshelf. 

Here is what I did for Chroma Hearts:

screenshot Chroma Hearts using hidden gems amazon blurb previewer tool

Cool and easy, right?

But if you prefer more styles and structures as well as font sizes, there’s also Dave Chesson’s FREE Amazon Book Description Generator. I’ve used it too!

Next is Hidden Gems Books’ Amazon Keyword Organizer.

Some authors fall into thinking that putting keywords to his or her book content in Amazon KDP is easy as pie and nothing to fret about. And maybe it is. After all, how hard can typing words be? 

Yet every seasoned self-published Amazon author, like Dave Chesson, will argue that the right Kindle keywords can make or break your book sales. (Check out his site: it’s a veritable treasure chest of helpful information for indie authors.)

Using Hidden Gems Books’ Amazon Keyword Organizer Tool, all you have to do is to type in all the keywords you’ve thought of about your book, then hit the button Organize Keywords. The tool will group the words and fit them in the seven keyword boxes in your Kindle Ebook Details, as well as remove redundant words. Then you just copy these to your ebook details in KDP. 

Now, that’s easy-peasy!

screenshot hidden gems books' amazon keyword organiser

Keyword Tool is another free tool to finding Amazon keywords for your book. It not only finds great keywords in Amazon, but also in Google, YouTube, Bing, Ebay, Play Store, Instagram, and Twitter.

I cannot end this post without mentioning Publisher Rocket, Dave Chesson’s famous software which  finds profitable Amazon keywords fast. It comes with a hefty $97 price, though. If you can afford it, why not?

So there. I hope you’ve learned something of value in this post which I’m putting up here not just to share, but also to be a constant reminder for me whenever I upload a new book on Amazon.

Do you have any other Free Amazon tool you’ve stumbled upon? Do share in the comments below. Sharing is caring!

Free Amazon Tools for Indie Authors

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