5-Minute Easy Writing Exercise to Beat Writer’s Block

This 5-minute writing exercise is easy and fun and sure to beat your writer’s block.

Got writer’s block? This easy 5-minute writing exercise by author Joni B. Cole might just be your way out of it.
There are three (3) parts in this exercise which can be done in only five (5), yes, five! minutes.
Don’t forget: You need a pen and paper or your phone’s Notes to write.

First part of 5-Minute Writing Exercise:

Where do you look? Around you, that’s where. You may be riding in a bus, sitting in class or work, or even walking around your house. But anywhere you may be, look for the first thing that catches your attention. Then, describe vividly what you see. If it’s possible, describe even the smell or sound that comes from it — or even its feel if you are able (and willing) to touch it.
In other words, engage all your five senses in describing the first thing that catches your attention. Write them all down.

Second part of 5-Minute Writing Exercise:

RESPOND TO THE ITEM. What does it bring to mind—a memory, a person, a story? (THREE MINUTES)
This means connecting the item to yourself. How does it relate to you, your life, your experiences, your past and present? It might be that the ball which caught your attention reminds you of your poignant childhood days playing with your father, or the flower in front of you has the same colour as your former lover’s lips. Write it down.

Third part of 5-Minute Writing Exercise:

SYNTHESIZE YOUR THOUGHTS. Write down a takeaway, epiphany, or new question evoked by your writing. (ONE MINUTE)
After going down memory lane, what do you make out of it? What thought, idea, or question does it invoke from you? It may be a new revelation, a course of action, or an insight into what happened or about a person or persons. 
So, there you are.
Five minutes is all you need to do this writing exercise if you’re into a rut—and even not. What are you waiting for?
The Three-part writing exercise (that takes five minutes) is from an article written by Joni B. Cole. 

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