Kasa Luntian : Homey but Classy

Tagaytay had always been our go-to place whenever our family needs a quick getaway. Lately, many condominiums and hotels have sprung there to offer temporary overnight (or a few nights) accommodation for visitors. We have tried a number of them. But Kasa Luntian was, well, something else.

Last December, I asked my youngest sister for a recommendation about a place where our family can stay to spend New Year’s Eve. She told me about Kasa Luntian but it was already fully booked at the time. We ended up renting a condo unit and while we had a great time, it was too small for our family of five, consisting of my two sons who were both six-footers, almost a head taller than their dad, and our rambunctious, chubby grade schooler.

As March started to roll in with the birthdays of our two sons—the eldest and the youngest—at hand, my hubby and I decided a weekend staycation as a birthday treat to them, sans the usual gifts and Jollibee party in school. We started to search for hotels (again), although I was apprehensive because we wanted a room where we can all fit comfortably. Then I remembered Kasa Luntian. And boy, I’m glad I did.

Indoor Amenities

We found the cheapest rate at Agoda for a Junior Suite at almost the price of the condo unit we rented last December. But Kasa Luntian’s accommodations were so different in many ways.

First: the suite was HUGE! You can jog around or even play bowling in there. It was not cramped. There was one king-sized bed and one twin-sized bed. A mini-dining area with a beautiful overhead lamp, aside from functional track lighting fixtures provided a tasteful yet minimalist decor.

There was an LCD TV, too—with cable TV, not just local channels. (We didn’t check for NetFlix.) Beside it, there was a cabinet with ample space for clothes. Inside, there’s a safe deposit box to lock in your precious belongings, and a hair blower/dryer, too. And did I tell you they have free WiFi? It was fast, not painfully slow and intermittent like in other hotels.

But what I really loved was the kitchen. It was fully-equipped with a gas stove with a range hood, a mini-ref, a sink, a microwave, an electric kettle with complimentary coffee, sugar and creamer. And see all those cabinets? They contained a rice cooker, cookware, plates, spoons and forks, utensils, wine glasses. And yes, there was air-conditioning which you can personally control.

The bathroom was as homey, but classy, as the rest of the suite. It had a bidet! The shower head was the square rainfall type. And get this: there was hot water, not only in the shower, but also from the faucet. I really loved the scent of their free toiletries. There was a cabinet along the hall beside the bathroom which I wasn’t able to take a picture of. It provided more space for clothes, plus an iron and even an ironing board.

Behind the sliding doors covered with stylish blinds for privacy, we were in for a treat. Every unit in Kasa Luntian came with a balcony with a wicker lounge chair and matching round table. I gushed at its flooring which was covered in soft, artificial grass carpet. You can walk barefoot, giving one a garden feel. Truly relaxing!

Everything was spick-and-span and we did not want for provisions. Heck, I even loved being inside the elevator! It smelled refreshingly aromatic. The security and staff were courteous and were always ready to answer questions with a genuine smile.

The Pools Outdoor

Outside our building, we easily found the pools which my sister had also told me about. Wicker pool lounge chairs, matching outdoor furnitures, roofed areas, pocket parks, and lush greenery abound. There was a shower beside the pool and an indoor one in a nearby separate facility which also doubled as a dressing room and bathroom.

The pools weren’t very deep, which was a good thing, because who needs an Olympic-sized pool here, anyway? They were pocket pools, all six of them, in different shapes and elevation, with waterfalls effect cascading down to another pool until the last one. They told us there were two heated pools, but we really can’t tell which was which. The temperature was cold in Tagaytay even in the late afternoon when we first dipped into the waters. We had to call it a day after just an hour because the air was chilly and we were already shivering.

Oh, and there was an outdoor playground, too, for children. A bit small, it can only fit two to three children at a time but in a way, that’s fine. No crowding here.

Breakfast was a delicious treat of the usual silog meals, pasta and American breakfast. We ate at Taza Mia, a quaint, cozy coffee shop atop a viewing pavilion which also housed a few food establishments and spas. There were not many, sad to say, but I’m pretty sure it will fill up in no time.

The Best Part of It All

But you know the best part of being in Kasa Luntian other than its clean, stylish amenities and facilities, accommodating staff, and relaxing atmosphere? It was the feeling of being safe and sheltered in an enclosed community where you can walk hand-in-hand, jog or run comfortably on winding pathways amid pocket gardens.

It was the provincial feel, with birds chirping, leaves dancing with the wind, sunlight peeking through the trees, air free from pollution—without being deprived of all the comforts and necessities of modern day living.

It was the overall ambiance of the place, where even by merely sitting in the balcony, you can feel yourself being recharged, reenergized, your inner balance restored.

Either temporarily or permanently (since there are units for sale here, too), AyalaLand’s Kasa Luntian is an affordable getaway place where one can happily and peacefully settle and forget about life’s worries.

And where you can tell yourself… it’s still a wonderful world
and everything can be all right again.

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