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~ Joshua Grant | Amazon / Goodreads reviewer

"PERFECT FOR BOTH SCI FI AND ROMANCE LOVERS." Two hearts entwine across the cosmos in Mayumi Cruz’s romantic sci fi thriller Finding Kismet! When the secret of long and peaceful life is stolen from planet Vaelteuria, soldier Mavis is tasked with recovering it. Tracking it to Earth, she quickly discovers that her mission, and love, are not quite as straightforward as they may seem. I really enjoyed Cruz’s idea of science regulating everything, including love, for the Vaelteurians and Mavis’ struggle to break with that tradition. Cruz also interlaces a good thriller with the romance, blending both with fast paced and steamy description perfectly! This one’s perfect for both sci fi and romance lovers so be sure to check it out!
"WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR?" When I first read it a few years back, I fell in love with this story. How I was able to read it a few years back was something between me and the author. Hehe. Reading it again now, made me fall in love with it even more. A mix of sci-fi, mystery and romance; a story of love that transcends the vastness of the universe, what more can you ask for?
"GREAT THRILLER. This was a great thriller from beginning to end. The characters are well developed and engaging and the storyline is full of twists and turns."
"UNEXPECTED, WELL-THOUGHT OUT PLOT. I didn’t expect anything when I started the book, but I was instantly hooked and was unable to put it down until I finish it. The book was a series of revelations that will make you yearn to turn the next page just so you will know what happens next. It was an absolute delight to read. The plot was unexpected but well thought-out and unlike any other book I’ve ever read. And I’ve read quite a lot, so that’s saying something. It was a story about love, hate, forgiveness and finding love in unexpected places.


When does science end. . . and love begin?

Vaelteuria is a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy which is a thousand times advanced in technology than our own, where science rules over the lives of its people—even over their emotions.

Its Forefathers had created the perfect life system through a rare and supreme genetic code, the InceptOne. This enabled Vaelteurians to stop aging at age twenty, living a disease-free existence until the age of one hundred twenty-five, when they die peacefully in their sleep.

The InceptOne also established a perfect genetic match for each of its inhabitant, prescribing a lifemate for each Vaelteurian.

When a key element of InceptOne was stolen, its thief traced to Earth, a quest was ordered by King Reginald to find it.

Mavis, a neophyte but excellent soldier, is taken to task where all the others have failed, including her father.

But an unexpected obstacle in the person of a genius yet sickly human named Tristan distracts her from her mission and threatens to bring her to failure.

Will she be able to find the Octad disk before time runs out for her planet? Or will she discover another thing entirely. . . such as her true nature. . . her true purpose. . . her kismet?

Finding Kismet is a journey of royal intrigues, betrayal, murder, and outstanding scientific discoveries, intertwined into and manipulated by the hands of destiny, spanning a thousand years and taking place in two planets.




His right palm hovered unsteadily above the large, octagon-shaped button embedded in the slick, silver horizontal surface before him.

The Red button.

Red, the color of fire.

Fire, which can spread fast and wide in a terrifying cascade in no time at all.

Red Fire, destructive, devastating, wrecking everything and everyone in its path.

But he already knew that.

Over the years, his sharp mind had weighed all the pros and cons. Back and forth, backward and forward, he had thought of every possible consequence, every little detail, each conceivable repercussion that may result from this one single act of. . . what? Insanity? Stupidity?

He could not press the button. He could let matters be. He could allow everything to stay the way it was now, and no one will be the wiser. After all, it would take another thousand years before the disks will be fully emptied to the last drop.

But his conscience, pure and moral, furiously fought against this attitude of apathy which had consumed each and every Vaelteurian of this position before him.

This pure and moral conscience of his had burdened him ever since he stumbled upon the truth, its small yet persistent voice echoing loudly in his ears, a constant companion even in his solitude, a tormenting visitor in his dreams.

How could he not not press the button?

There really was no other choice.

His palm pressed down firmly on it.

In an instant, the thick, impenetrable walls vibrated around him. Outside, he knew with certainty that the distinct, deafening alarm had been heard above the din of the festivities’ thumping music and thundering drums, its horrifying message understood and clearly written in each and every terrified adult Vaelteurian’s face.   

In a matter of seconds, the Tracker will chase and pursue the signal, determining where the quest would begin. In minutes, the Military will come and request to convene with the Imperium to await his decision.

He leaned back on his seat, closing his eyes painfully. “So it begins,” he murmured.

But in truth, it had already begun. A thousand years ago.

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