Chroma Hearts




Can love triumph over all --even catatonic depression? Can love defeat everything--even a diabolical evil?

A new bride suffering from catatonia. A determined husband trying to break through the black pit in which her brain escaped to. And a ruthless abomination who will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

Melvin and Erica are childhood sweethearts. Theirs is a love nurtured through the years. Everything is perfect. They are on the road to their happily ever after. Until their love is put to a series of tests: trials of fire.

Erica is brutally assaulted, left for dead but miraculously survives. Undeterred, they go through with their wedding. But an unwanted outcome and an unexpected memory of the assault push Erica to the edge. Her mind switches off. She becomes catatonic.

Armed with only his unwavering love for her, Melvin strives to unlock her mind and bring her back to him. 

But what if the key to her brain opens up a Pandora’s box, unraveling a hideous truth about the crime which they mistakenly thought was solved? Will they be able to accept it—or survive it?

Chroma Hearts is an intensely emotional psychological thriller about a love that destroys and a love that heals.

Praise for Chroma Hearts
The writing style was Anothing less than perfect—vivid and dramatic. KB Meniado, founder / book reviewer I enjoyed reading this book . It was quite engrossing wanting to know

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Excerpt from Chroma Hearts
Bullets were still pouring haphazardly into the room. The man by the window stumbled backward, his back falling flat on the floor with a loud thud. Another bullet zoomed above

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